REPOST: Deep Banana Blackout, Brooklyn Bowl 7/5 & 7/6

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photo by: Allison Murphy

photo by: Allison Murphy

While most of the NYC crowd was out of town on this steamy 4th of July weekend, at BBQ’s with the family, or spending three nights atSPAC with Phish, there was another type of party going on at The Brooklyn Bowl.

Twenty years ago, a band called Tongue–n-Groove played in and around Hartford CT and Port Chester NY. A singer by the name of Andrew Gromiller was the front man, and vocalist Jen Durkin was the female lead. This band played funk and soul staples, namely James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, Lyn Collins and Maceo Parker, just to name a few. At the time, Gromiller’s singing with Durkin’s signature sound was akin to a James Brown/Aretha throwdown. Eric Kalb, drums, schooled us on the relentless “One” beat, Benji LeFerve’s bass line was steady and strong, and Rob Somerville’s saxophone and Rob Volo’s trombone tickled the space in between the beats with their horns.

Somewhere along the way Gromiller decided to go on the open road, as some creative souls do, to follow on his journey away from T&G. He went out west, and the band was left to meet another band of brethren, Long Island musicians James “Fuzz” Sangiovanni, Cyrus Madan, and Jen’s brother Johnny Durkin.

This was the beginning of Deep Banana Blackout.

Twenty years later, most of the members of the original Tongue-n-Groove were on the stage of The Brooklyn Bowl, treating the crowd to two sweltering shows, while celebrating Andrew Gromiller’s newest CD, Organic Bananas, an obvious nod to Deep Banana Blackout.

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Deep Banana Blackout / Kung Fu, The Capitol Theatre, 3/2/13

20130302_KUNGFU_CAPTHEATRE_9038Again, The Capitol Theatre grabs my review for a hand’s down funk party this past Saturday night with Deep Banana Blackout, and Kung Fu opening.

Short story: Amazing funk, amazing crowd, a happy birthday song and a marriage proposal.

Check it:  The Capitol Theatre

It is also on

Deep Banana Blackout
Kung FU

Gathering of the Vibes, 2011 – Audio Links (torrents incl.)

Once again, a heartfelt thanks to Rob Clarke and Scott Bernstein for taping the festival, and being so prompt in putting the out there for us to all relive again.  Mucho gracias!

The Infamous Stringdusters:
Roots of Creation:
New Mastersounds:
The Mother Hips (torrent):

Ryan Montbleau:
God Street Wine (Lo Faber, Aaron Maxwell, Jon Bevo, Dan Pifer) with special guests Jason Crosby and Joe Russo:
Kung Fu:
Big Sam’s Funky Nation (torrent):
The Bridge:
Tedeschi Trucks Band (torrent):
Taj Mahal (torrent):

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2010 Top Ten Shows

It was an exceptional year for live music. I am lucky enough to live in a city where music is a part of the lifeline, like matzoh ball soup and a good reuben, as much as we love to hate our mayor, and collective groans when the MTA hikes their fares. Here is to 2010. May we all have a healthy, prosperous and musically exceptional new year!

photo by: Karen Dugan

10.  Scofield, w/ Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, Blue Note,  May 2010

9.  Jorma Kaukonen, Iridium, May 2010

8.  Wanee Funk Jam w/ Dumpstaphunk and The Funky Meters George Porter Jr, Russell Batiste, Cody and Luther Dickinson, Oteil and Kofi Burbridge, JoJo Herman, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Matt Grondin.

7.  Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble – birthday evening, August 2010

6.  Gov’t Mule, PC Richards Theater, August 2010

photo by: Robyn Gould

5.  Roger Waters, The Wall, MSG October 2010

4.  The Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band, Wanee April 2010

3.  Jimmy Herring, Lenny White, Richie Goods Iridium, August 2010

2.  Pat Metheny Orchestrion, May 2010

photo by: Allison Murphy

1.  Another One for Woody, November 2010

Runners Up (I couldn’t fit them all in the Top 10):

  1. Deep Banana Blackout, Late Night, Gathering of the Vibes 2010
  2. Phish, New Years Eve 2010, MSG
  3. Les Claypool, Vibes 2010
  4. New Mastersounds, Mountain Jam, June 2010
  5. Furthur, Radio City Music Hall, February 2010
  6. Xmas Jam:  Warren Hayne’s Band and John Bell Acoustic, December 2010

Gathering of the Vibes, Day 3, Saturday July 31

Friday was the warmup for Saturday’s crazy.  It was full on all day.

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

McLovins:  I’ve been told by numerous people to check these kids out, and I missed them at Nateva to see Max Creek.  I heard they crushed it at Nateva, so I decided to forgo Max Creek.  (side note: I found it very interesting that both these bands were playing at the same time at both festivals.  And they are both from Connecticut.  Coincidence??) I get to the Green Vibes stage about 10 minutes after they started and the place was packed.  I tried to get up to the stage and check them out but I couldn’t get up there without a case of claustrophobia so I ended up to the side.

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

There was a bit of technical difficulty, but then they just broke out.  In typical teenage style they were loud and fast, but tight.  Impressively tight; technically and talented.  Really talented kids.  Check out more from my friend Lori’s Coventry Music.  Something about a 1000 Hippie McLovin March went on, that I wasn’t privvy to.  Here’s the YouTube – load it up and click it around the 5 min mark.  Whooo, they go off.

Band Break: My buddy and I went back to camp for the 40 minute respite before Assembly of Dust.  I got on the phone with This Week on Lot and tried to describe the surroundings to them.  A conference call of sorts.  You can check out me on the radio here.  Afterwards, I got a bit of food in me and was off to the Main Stage.

Assembly of Dust: I have not seen these guys a lot, but each time I have seen them I like them more and more.  Their talent is obvious, the music is technically sound, Adam Terrell, lead guitar, vocals (also plays with Nate Wilson) shreds it, Reid Genauer, lead vocals, guitar has a really nice voice.  Two drummers, and a keyboardist that plays the violin.  I mean, c’mon, you can’t go wrong.  They shredded the last song to pieces and you could tell they were getting off by the energy in the crowd.  Great time had by all.

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

Galactic: They put on a solid show, as always.  Cyril Neville shows up and kicks it up a notch.  Corey Henry frikkin blasts that trombone out of the universe.  Ben Ellman plays the sax hard and sexy.  Stanton Moore keeps the beat down and low, and the place just falls into soul funk deep grooves and swayin’ hips.  Oooh, lordy lordy.  Fun fun stuff, as always.

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

Setlist:  Gemini Rising, Gossip, You Don’t Know, Balkan Wedding, Heart Of Steel, Cineramascope, Ooh Nay Nay, Boban, Tell Me What’s On Your Mind, Boe Money, No More Okey Doke, From the Corner to the Block

Band Break: Met up with some Camp Family from Nateva that day and we took it back to camp.  I introduced them as “my old friends”, then realized that Nateva was less than a month away.  Festival family is on another level… Old friends indeed.  We collectively decided to sacrifice Umphree’s McGee for time in the shade, a change of clothes, food and drink and laughs.  Sorry Umphree’s.

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

Rhythm Devils featuring Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Keller Williams: I have to admit, I was surprised how amazingly good these guys were.  Keller added a nice level, but this was not the Keller show.  This was the Rhythm Devils show in all their glory.  Two incredible drummers, doin’ what they do.  Drums.  In an ode to the Grateful Dead, it was kind of a stretched out Drums/Space but without the Space.On another note, I met a friend who I went on Dead Tour with 20 years ago.  Beautiful syncopation…Original Dead members on stage, me with my buddy, reliving old memories, seeing the newest iteration of Billy and Mickey on stage, complete with firedancers.  LOVED it.  I will catch them when they play in NYC, without a doubt.

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

PRIMUS: Jeez holy louise moly blown away.  I can’t even describe it.  Les Claypool bassing OUT up there with these humongous astronauts behind the band.  Jay Lane is an incredible drummer, I can tell why he left Furthur to go

photo by: Jeffrey Dupuis

back to this band.  But, of COURSE!  I was not a Primus fan (operative word there “was”), and the only thing I knew of them was that “back in the day” they were associated with lots of skinheads and mosh pits.  Well, there were no mosh pits.  Just lots of people bouncing around, myself included.  I couldn’t stop my legs moving even if I wanted to.  They blew me away, I am a hardcore Primus fan now – already bought the tickets for the October show in NYC.  That’s how much I loved this set.  WOW.  Go see these guys….

photo by: John Harrington

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